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  • An experienced professionally trained Master of Ceremonies and Music Entertainer who will help you emcee your celebration.
  • A compact mix and sound system customized for the venue you will celebrate in.
  • A digital dance floor light show that adds visual excitement and dazzle for your dances without being overly bright on your seated guests, and all of the clean music you’ll want played.
  • Unlimited in person, telephone, text and/or email consultations.
  • Your choice of music and entertainment until the Bride and Groom leave, for up to 6 hours, no later than midnight (whichever comes first).


The MCDJ and Light Show is a value packed package.  The DJ, The Music, The Lights and The Fun!  All the basic elements for a great party.

Total Investment: $1,000.00


Everything above PLUS our special Monogram Lighting effect. Your initials, your name, your brand, your greeting custom designed by you then created for your special day and emblazoned on the wall or floor! At the end of the night the monogram is yours to keep as a lasting memento!

Total Investment: $1,200.00 


Up Lighting is the single most popular “must have” item at most of the weddings we do. The Small Up Light Package includes everything listed above PLUS ten (10) "Double-Up" Wireless Up Lights in your wedding color. Use these special lights to accent the walls, tables, the cake and or entrance. Double-Up Wireless Up Lights project in a wide beam of light your exact wedding color and is a beautiful statement that can enhance the decorations of any wedding and reception venue!

Total Investment: $1,300.00


For those venues where you want to saturate the area with your wedding color, this is the package for you. Twenty Five (25) Wireless Up Lights in your wedding color. Use these to virtually transform your venue into an even bolder, color rich environment. Programmable to shine in your exact wedding color, these up lights add more coverage and depth throughout the area. Need more? Additional wireless up lighting is available @ $30 per fixture.  Always inquire about wireless up lighting.

Total Investment: $1,500.00


The Works combines the Signature Monogram and the Up Lighting for the ultimate statement at your wedding and reception.  As described in the preceding packages, each of these elements adds style and class and can further enhance your venue location's decoration.  Your guests arrive and see a room transformed into a wonderland of light then see your logo, your monogram.  It's an incredible combination and will surely be well remembered for years to come!  Your signature, Your wedding colors.  Incredible!
In this package you get one (1) custom Monogram and twenty five (25) Wireless Up Lights in your wedding color.

Total Investment: $1,700.00



  • 2 Signature Monograms
  • 2 Moving head lights sweeping the dance floor
  • 2 Confetti cannons for the Grand Entrance and The Send Off
  • 1 Dance-In-The-Cloud water vapor fog cannon for first dances
  • 25 Chauvet Wireless Up Lights


Total Investment:    $2500.00


Sometimes you don't need the light show.  This package offers everything you want musically.  Just no lighting effects. Great for outdoor events under the stars or wherever you want to do your own lighting. NO lighting means DARK or house lights full on or your own light show creation.

Total Investment:  $900.00 


$100.00 Discount (limit one discount per package for qualified clients)
EDUCATION: Educators and Students in College, University, Trade School
MILITARY: Active, Reserve, National, State Guard and Veteran
HEALTH: Doctors, Nursing, Aides, Hospital staff, EMTs
SAFETY: Law Enforcement and Fire Department

STILL UNSURE OF JUST WHAT YOU WANT?  Then call us and let's discuss what you envision for your Wedding and your Reception and we'll work together to find common ground for what you want for your Dream Come True Experience!  877.790.9484     -Doc


Sometimes a full blown wedding and reception combination is not in your plan. You're inviting friends and family to witness your marriage ceremony and afterwards you have other plans. In this event, when you just want music, microphones and sound support for your wedding ceremony only, let us help you produce a most memorable occasion that you and your invited guests will enjoy.
Our Wedding Ceremony Package comes complete with Music, Microphones, Speakers and Announcer.
  • First: The Music
    Known as The Prelude, this is that time leading up to your entrance, thirty minutes or so of your favorite songs that sets the mood of your beautiful wedding day, played during the guests seating. This is your selection of up to nine songs from any genre you desire. Next come the family songs, including the song for the Grands and Parents to be seated; the Bridal Party entrance; optionally a separate song for the groomsmen or flower girls and ring bearers; next your song selection as you walk up the aisle; the optional unity ceremony and/or dedication song; the couple’s recessional song after they are introduced and postlude music for up to 30 minutes for the guest’s exit and during pictures. Best of all, it can be wired or wireless. Meaning if there is ready access to electricity our system would be a simple plug in. But for those locations where electricity is unavailable, let’s go totally wireless! Great for those events in the park, on the lake shore, on the golf course or a wooded meadow.
  • Second: The Microphones
    Typically, the Minister will have his own microphone, either handheld on a stand, a headset or lapel. Alternately or in conjunction we can mic the groom (generally because he has more pockets to conceal the transmitter). Placed about the 3rd button on his coat or shirt, this is an optimal mic position so that both the bride and groom’s vows can be amplified to the guests. For readers during the ceremony, up to two additional microphones can be provided, with mic stand.
  • Third: The Sound Support
    Depending on the size of your wedding ceremony, we will use one or two powered speakers for the playback of all voice and music. All we need is access to a standard 110v outlet either by direct connection or extension cord. For those locations where no electricity is available, then we have our battery powered solution. This is a go anywhere system that requires no external power source making this most suitable for anywhere you can imagine having your wedding ceremony.

Music, Microphones and sound (with Announcer)
Provided electrical option: $400.00
Wireless battery option: $500.00
Included with any reception package: $250.00

Additional components like our Up Lighting, Funfetti Confetti Canons, Dancing in The Clouds, Spotlight and Laser effects are also available. Tell us what your vision is for the perfect wedding ceremony and we will do our best to make it come true.
*No discounts on this package.