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testimonialWhether you are near Abilene, San Angelo, Weatherford, Stephenville, Mineral Wells, Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Wichita Falls, Brownwood, Brady, Lubbock or anywhere in the North, Central, West and East part of the Lone Start State, let us provide you with excellent emcee and DJ services!

I personally have been in the DJ business since 1973 and my three partners add another fifty years of experience as well.  But no matter how long we've been doing entertainment, we are only as good as the last party we did. We have performed at thousands of events! While the majority were weddings, we also specialize in proms, birthdays, anniversaries and reunions. When an event can benefit from music production, we want to be part of the celebration.

But don't take our word for it. Ask our references.

Not ALL DJs specialize in weddings. Just because they have speakers, a mixer and a microphone does not guarantee that your most special day will be perfect. YOU DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

We believe Our Prices are very affordable for what you will get compared to other's in our field who will happily take your money and offer little in return.

Real Comments. Real People. Real Events.

"I wish you could have been a fly on the wall last weekend at our wedding at the Windsor.....
I am getting so I dread finding any other disc jockey at our weddings but you.

The poor guy was real nice but he was just lost. He had to restart the couples first dance 4 times because the song kept getting stuck! The 5th time he restarted it and it stuck again ---the (disappointed) couple just gave up (and left the dance floor).

He wouldn't announce anything.
For example, The couple was getting ready to cut the cake but Colette and I didn't know it. We were way off in other parts of the building taking other pictures. They had to wait on us and we had to run to be able to get the cake pictures."


"I would like to say that I am very impressed at all the questions that you have asked in detail for our wedding and reception. I feel that we are in great hands. The other DJs we spoke to were eager to quote a price and tell us 'yeah we can do that', but I had to ask them the questions. Obviously you've done this many times before and it shows. And your list of over 80 references was very impressive too. We called five, just to be sure. 🙂 Everyone was thrilled with your work. I'm sure we will be too! Thank you so much! "

ANDI AND LONI WOLFE 817-368-9053

"Party Doc, thank you for explaining the difference between a Club DJ and a Wedding DJ. We hired our friend who works in a local club and he said while he’d never done a wedding before, music was music and he’d make sure we had a good time. Well, after hearing everything that you would do for us, we’ve decided to go with a Professional Wedding DJ, we don’t want to run the risk of having anything go wrong with our party. Thank you very much and we look forward to having you as our emcee and DJ in September!"

"We thought we got a great bargain when a friend said he would do our wedding and reception for $150.00. Some bargain, he told us 3 days before the wedding he couldn't do it because he didn't have the music we wanted! We were FRANTIC! We called several DJs in the phone book but they were either busy or didn't even call us back!

Then we called Wedding DJ Receptions. They answered the phone, were very polite and helpful and immediately put our fears aside. Even though it was the Labor Day weekend and they had three other weddings scheduled that day, Doc and JLO came to our rescue. Not only did they provide every song we wanted, but their professionalism, attention to our daughter and our son-in-law and the guests was the best we could have hoped for.

We've seen other DJs at weddings and of them all, Doc and JLO were absolutely the best! Cheap is not always better. We learned a valuable lesson and we want you to consider our words carefully. When you need music entertainment and a DJ service that will take charge of the wedding and reception events, so that everything runs smoothly and flawlessly, call our new friends at Wedding DJ Receptions!"

JOE AND SHAWNA RAKE 325-829-0656

"Thank you Doc, you are incredible, our wedding music went smoothly, the guests danced all night long and we had a blast, we made the right choice for our DJ entertainment. Wedding DJ Receptions IS the best! "

"After all of the preparation, the calls and the emails planning for every little detail, the one thing we didn't have to worry about was the entertainment. DJ JLo was incredible, she played all the right music and we were so very happy with the way she introduced all of the events and kept the evening flowing smoothly. Thank you Wedding DJ Receptions, we will recommend you to all of our friends! "

"Our DJ was the best. We had seen Doc at a friend's wedding and we had seen one of his competitors at another (all our friends are getting married it seems like!) The difference was like night and day! The other DJ played loud music, talked to much about nothing and was mostly boring. We went with Doc and we are so very happy we did, he kept everything going all night long and we still are getting rave comments about all the fun our guests had at our reception. If you're reading this and you're from Wichita Falls or anywhere around here, call Doc. He won't let you down!"

"Dear Doc, We had heard GREAT THINGS about YOU from our friends and we were not disappointed! You were an excellent entertainer! Put us down as another satisfied MARRIED couple! "


"We'd like to congratulate you on a job well done Doc. You are the best and we will tell everyone about our experience with you. In comparison, a few weekends ago we photographed a wedding reception here in Arlington where the DJs loaded everything in from a large U-Haul truck. Speaker cabinets taller than a grown man, more sound louder that Love Field and so much lighting it was like daytime when they turned them on. In fact, we asked them to turn the lighting off during our shoot, it was just TOO MUCH. However, your performance Saturday night was incredible, that small sound system of your really packs a punch and your lighting set up was just what the room needed and nothing more. Plus you are a great MC, the best we've heard and we do allot of Dallas Fort Worth shoots. We will certainly recommend you to our clients for future events. "

"I’m Kathy Hobbs of Hobbs and Latson Wedding and Portrait Photography. We see a LOT of DJs, in fact we have probably worked with all of the DJs within 300 miles and that takes up a LOT of cities. THE BEST DJ that we have seen who actually knows his business, treats the bride and groom with the respect and consideration they deserve and gets the party started and keeps it going is DOC and his professional DJ staff. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. And if you can get DOC himself, you will be thanking your lucky stars you took our advice. We were at a wedding and reception over the weekend (April 14, 2012) and another DJ outfit ---NOT THE DOC’s--- was simply awful. They held up the wedding (can you imagine?), could not find the music they were supposed to play (!), didn’t have the couples requests, their dance floor lighting was a joke and not even half way through the reception, the party died for lack of participation. Why on earth would you hire someone without checking out their references and speaking with other professionals first! We are here to tell you that YOU NEED DOCs Wedding DJs. Call us and we’ll tell you why! "
KATHY HOBBS (325) 669-2174.

"The DJ from Wedding DJ Receptions made our wedding reception a huge success and a celebration for the memory books. Our friends & family are still talking about what a great time they had dancing at our reception. He was fabulous! He kept the party going all night with young & old on the dance floor. We would definitely recommend them to others!"

"DJ Shaye was wonderful, she arrived well before the reception dinner started and kept everyone entertained. We had a lot of special music requests that we wanted to dance to and she had everything we asked for. We all had a great time and would recommend her to anyone wanting party music that is very affordable!"

"I have known Russ DOC Wristen since grade school. We have kept in touch over the years and last summer, he DJ'd my son's AND my daughter's wedding and reception that we held right outside of Wichita Falls in a great little rock building in Henrietta. He was awesome. He had all kinds of music! He was very professional, attentive to the couple's special requests, and DEFINITELY kept the party going. I have had many family members and friends tell me what a fun wedding we had. I think it was all due to the expertise of the DJ."
TIA TURNER 940-636-7034

"DOC and his crew have helped out for the past 25 years with the Scottish Festival held the second weekend in November in Salado, Tx. He sets up sound and lighting for several stages, provides public announcements and works well with all of the entertainers and staff. He has always been very helpful, agreeable, professional and popular. We expect to see him every year."

"Doc was fantastic! He went over and above any other Fort Worth-Dallas DJ we have had for our annual New Year's Eve Party. At midnight I asked him when he was going to stop. He said "When the party's over!" He played until 5am!!! We hired him again for New Year's Eve 2012! Thank You Very Much Doc!"
CHAD TOTTS 817-247-2974

"We had such a lovely time. The music was great and the DJ had everyone on the floor dancing all night long."

"I've known the Doc all my life nearly, I've sung at a lot of his Karaoke shows. His wedding show was more than I expected, we all had such a wonderful time. Thank you Doc, we love you!"



"My daughter Leslie is an aspiring singer, so when we needed to raise money to help her fulfill her dreams of being a recording artist, we held a fund raiser. Doc was there with DJ music and lights and helped Leslie showcase her talents to everyone who came out. Thank you for from the bottom of our hearts, that weekend was fantastic!"

"Wedding DJ Receptionss is the best when it comes to great music and entertainment for weddings, parties and school dances. I have a party building here in Henrietta and I've seen a lot of DJs. Doc and his crew are the best of them all."

DUAIN COVERT 940-781-7836

"DJs Doc and his crew all come up for the annual Scottish Gathering in Salado, Texas. This is the 30th year they have provided light and sound for all of our entertainers, at a cost that is very affordable for our festival budget. We could not do without their services year after year. If you have a special event, a wedding, festival, dance or fund raiser, you should hire Doc and his crew of professional DJs. Seriously, they are the very best!"
Past President/CTAM/Scottish Festival - SCOTT FLETCHER 512-638-3684

"I'm a police officer and through my job, I meet a lot of people. Most of them not very happy when I pull them over! However, I remembered "Doc" because he stopped even before I had a chance to turn on the overheads. So imagine my surprise again when I found his wedding site on the internet. Long story short, he got his money back 🙂 and we had the best of times at our wedding reception, he really is a fantastic DJ. My only advice to Doc is: SLOW IT DOWN!"

"I have attended three weddings using DJs and I must say that Russ Wristen aka The Party Doc has to be the best DJ I've have ever seen. He plays just the right music at the right time, kept the tempo mixed and even, people were dancing every song he played and it was absolutely the best wedding. He did my baby's wedding and she could not have been happier.  Whatever you do, hire this man, he is the best."

"For the 6TH year in a row, DJ BC Chad Wristen was the hit of the party. We want to express our appreciation for the fine job that DJ BC did at our Project Graduation for Cooper and Abilene High School. He kept the kids dancing, singing and entertained from 9:00 p.m. through 6:00 a.m. He was tireless. We rehired him on the spot for another year and every year he's willing to take care of our kids!"


"My husband Bridger used to be a wedding DJ, so he knew what to look for when picking out the right DJ for our wedding. We had heard a lot of great things about Wedding DJ Receptions and we were not disappointed. They did a fantastic job."

"We have used the Doc's DJs for six years now and we look forward to always using this DJ services. He puts on a fantastic show. The music is not too loud but loud enough for the students. His light show is like something you'd see in a big club. And of course he kept the music clean, which is very important. We are a 5A school and the prom is the major event our students look forward to every year. Compared to other DJs that we used in the past, these guys are the best."


"I'm Nell Stucker, I am a wedding coordinator and I want to express my extreme pleasure with Mr. DJ Tim Watson of Wedding DJ Receptions. I've worked with Russ Wristen (The Party Doc) for several years and he's the best. This was my first time with Mr. Watson and I couldn't have been happier. He played all of the right kind of music for my client and she was very happy at the end of the night (Rose and Casey Price Renewal Ceremony and Reception). Russ has never let us down at any of the weddings I've done, he does have the best DJs in the entire state. "

NELL STUCKER (Decease but we Loved that woman so we are keeping her testimony right here!"