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This year, couples will spend on average about $25,000.00 for their wedding and reception. Your budget may less or more, but in all things, everyone wants MORE VALUE for the dollars they budget.
This is most likely your Top 10 list of expenses:
  1. Venue, Catering and Rentals
  2. Jewelry
  3. Photography and Video
  4. Attire and Accessories
  5. Entertainment
  6. Planning and consulting
  7. Floral Decorations
  8. Invitations
  9. Gifts and Favors
  10. Beauty and Spa
Typically many couples believe that the entertainment will be the least expensive item they will plan for. However, such is not the case. While entertainment is not the most expensive item you may consider budgeting for it usually is not the least expensive. Venue, Catering and Rentals top the list and gifts favors beauty and spa are usually the least of the items on your list.  ENTERTAINMENT will usually fall right in the middle of the amount of money you should budget for your event. Before cutting back on Entertainment, consider the cost of how many guests you are inviting and what expense that entails. A single guest can cost between $167.00 and $205.00 dollars each to eat and drink at your wedding reception. When you take the time to figure in the exact cost of seating that one guest, you find that the cost of the invitation, the postage, the RSVP response, chair (rental), linens, plate, silverware, glasses, table decoration, cocktail, cost of meal and beverage really add up. So if you are on a set-budget, the best way to save money is to control the number of guests that you invite instead of trying to find the cheapest entertainment. Also remember to RSVP! So many times we see couples expect many more people than really attend. Get a firm head count to help save on your expenses!
HOW MUCH ARE WE? This is typically the first question asked by our clients after asking if we are available for a particular date. If you take advantage of our packages listed below, you know immediately what your wedding and reception entertainment will be. And if you qualify for one of our discounts, you'll save even more. But keep in mind that these prices are based not only on for the time that we are actually there, but also for our equipment cost (we are setting up about $5,000 in equipment to perform your wedding reception), the amount of time we will spend planning and preparing for your big day, traveling to your event, insurance for the event, the eventual set up and break down of the equipment and of course our experience, too! We specialize in WEDDINGS. When I say "WE" I'm referring to myself DJ Doc Wristen along with DJs Tim Watson, Shaye Thompson and Terry Sims. WE ALL have the experience to make your celebration the best it can be wherever you are in Texas!
CHEAP is not the same as A GREAT VALUE: In 2016 we received six (6) panic calls because a 'cheaper DJ, a family friend or the band' bailed on the couple at the last minute. Price cutters and lowest bid disc jockeys are seldom the great value you hope for. Most times they will ask for half or full payment up front, be picky about the hours they will perform, will bring in old looking and inferior equipment, won't have a modern light show and will tell you they don't have the songs you want. These are not business people, they have no clue what it takes to run a small business. Who do you want entertaining your guests? Someone who does it part time just for the fast buck? Or a Wedding Company who does this for a living and invested in your complete satisfaction?!
Whomever you hire, ask questions about their experience, how many weddings they actually have done (not parties, no clubs, not birthdays: At least 25 WEDDINGS). Then ask for ALL of the couple's names and numbers so you can call each to determine if he or she is as good as they claim.
  • The peak months for weddings are April, May and June.
  • On a tight budget? Save money when you consider scheduling your wedding during the off peak months.
  • Don’t space it out. Your reception should follow your ceremony.
  • Look for venues that offer all inclusive packages ie linens, food, tables and chairs rather than renting separately
  • Saturday is the most popular day of the week for weddings. Consider a Friday or Sunday wedding, many times venues and DJs will give you a price break for these days.
  • Plan your guest list carefully, remember each person you invite adds up!
  • Military? Public Safety? Education? Health Services? See our discount below!
  • And our #1 piece of Savings advice is: BOOK EARLY. BOOK NOW. DON’T WAIT!
Please, take a few minutes to consider our prices. If you are still undecided, don't hesitate to call and tell us what you envision your perfect wedding entertainment will be and how much you can afford.
We will work with you at a price you will be happy with!

Package Pricing Works Best For You
We understand the difficulty in selecting the right components to fit every situation. That’s why we offer eight exciting packages for you to select from. Each one builds upon the former to add more and more of the exciting visual effects you want for your ultimate party! And in every package, you get the standard in entertainment:
  • An Experienced Professional Master of Ceremonies / DJ Entertainer
  • A compact mix and sound system designed for the venue that’s not too big or to loud
  • An exciting and vibrant digital light show for the immediate dance floor area
  • All of the Clean Music you want in any genre from Country to Rock to Pop to everything in between
  • And your choice of family games including The Anniversary Dance, The Dollar Dance, The Newly Wed Game, The Fellowship Dance and the Wedding Party Scavenger Hunt.
The Package price is what you pay with no other add-ons, set up, break-down, load out or travel fees. Overtime past six hours is available and out of area mileage can be calculated during our initial consultation.