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Weddings and Receptions are all about music, or at least as a wedding entertainer, that’s how I view it.  What songs will you pick for the prelude to the song you want to walk up the aisle to the alter, the couples first dance, the father and daughter dance, the son mother, what song to play for the cutting of the cake and so on.  There are a great many resources available on the internet to determine what songs you want, but since your time is limited, I’ve tried to take the angst out of searching and made it so very easy to find the just right song, all in one place!
Just go to MUSIC SEARCH & MORE which will bring up our music search engine.  At the very top, click on MOST REQUESTED, which will bring to you a listing of many many popular songs.  But it’s also broken down by category, like BRIDE AND GROOM FIRST DANCE, BRIDE AND FATHER DANCE and so on.  Hopefully from this listing you’ll find the song you want.
Want to give it a listen?  Click on the radio button to the left of each song, it will take you to Itunes so you can hear it.  Or you can always look it up elsewhere.
BUT IF FOR SOME REASON YOU DON’T find what you are wanting, don’t despair.  I can get it, if it’s available from my music source at Promo Only or from I-tunes.  Most all of my music is provided by Promo Only, the leading music service that professional DJs like me use every week.  But sometimes I might miss a song or two.  If you want a particular song, don’t you worry, we are here to make you musically happy and we’ll certainly do our best to do so.  At the very worst, if we can’t find it and you have in your collection, you can always loan it to us for your event*.
One more comment about music availability.  A few times I hear of a song only available on line at a music site.  Legally I cannot download copyrighted, commercially ready music files from You Tube (or free from any other website) and use them in a paid event, like your party.  Now if I can buy it and it’s not some overly priced situation where I have to buy the entire album to get one song, I’ll do that with no problem.  But I will not steal music.  Other less scrupulous DJs might do just that, but I do my best to adhere to the laws of the land.  In this event, I would ask you to acquire the song by whatever means you could, *then loan that particular version to me with the understanding that I am using music that is personally yours that I will not copy or keep for my business use, other than to re-play it at your one time event.
If you have a question about any kind of music, don’t hesitate to ask.  That’s especially important when using a family friend or that “cheap DJ who gave you such a great unbelievable price”.  This is very true:  those that only charge a few hundred dollars for entertainment have no idea how to run a real business.  Seriously.  And music acquisition is just one area that many beginning DJs have no idea about, they think playing any kind of music for your party is okay.  Just this year alone, I’ve had three brides call me who said their “friend” DJ cancelled on them because he could not get (would not buy) the music they wanted.  That’s what your DJ is there for.  He either has it, can get it or can supply a source for you to get it. If he can’t then you need to move on to another DJ who can.